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‘Evernote Trunk Conference Commemoration Sale’ held by SmartEver, a lightweight Evernote client

August 21, 2012

Thank you very much for encourage SmartEver at “Devcup” , a Evernote developer’s contest, the other day.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t advance to the finals or win Japan Prize which are given to the applicants from Japan.

My thoughts on this occasion are that I have faith in the usability of SmartEver so I thought there was a faint hope that it would go onto the finals. However, I think perhaps it doesn’t compare with other applications in terms of ideas and novelty.

If SmartEver had been picked as a finalist, or had received the Japan Prize, we would have been invited to the Evernote Trunk Conference to be held this weekend in San Francisco. I had thought that would be a good chance to promote SmartEver overseas, however my hopes have been shattered.

As a result, I have put SmartEver on sale, in an attempt to appeal to overseas Evernote users.

The sale period is from 8/18-8/26 and the price has been lowered from $2.99 to $0.99.

SmartEver 1.1.1($2.99 → $0.99)App
Category: Productivity
Seller: Makoto Setoh(Size: 1.9 MB)

In Japan, many bloggers have written about SmartEver, and it is achieving some visibility. However, overseas SmartEver is still an unknown. I am hoping that this will allow users outside of Japan a chance to use it.

SmartEver is updated to Ver1.1.1 now and some modification for speeding up of launch speed from when Devcup application, modifying the order of notebook, and corresponding with the stuck correcting bugs.

SmartEver’s set price is currently $2.99, however after the sale has concluded some consideration is being given to lower the price to $1.99.
Thank you for your understanding.

About SmartEver

This app is an Evernote client for iPhone that works very lightly by only selecting notes with SmartEver tag as sychronize target. Unlike other apps where you can only post texts, with this app you can edit text as many times as you want!
Please refer to this page for more information on SmartEver features.

Lastly, we would like to informed that this app was picked up by the Japan Prize commision and received coverage on the Japanese version of the Evernote official blog, being praised as “an app with a high degree of completion and a very practical Evernote client”.


Launched SmartEver; A Lightweight Evernote Client for the iPhone.

July 15, 2012

I have just released a new app, SmartEver which is a lightweight Evernote client application that runs on iPhone!

There are so many posting applications for the iPhone, but a few choices that have the editing function.

Unfortunately, the Evernote official application is not easy to use due to take times for sync or heavy processing.

As I implemented WebClip feature of Evernote on the Duet Browser last year, and have knowledge of Evernote API, I decided to make it by myself.

I continued to work with it everyday after my children fell asleep for six months, and finally completed!

Once I started working, many ideas came to me in course of the development, so the latter half of my development was very complicated. But I think I could bring out a good one, keeping the simplicity and lightness.

Until the end of July, this is offered for sale at $1.99 on the special release sale. Get it at this opportunity!

Please refer to the support site for more details of this application.

This application is also entered in Evernote Devcup, an annual developer contest held by Evernote.

If you enjoy this application, please vote for me.

My friends’ great piece of works are also entered in Devcup too, please check it together.

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